Doggie Riot Operation

Under Construction

This page provides a summary of the features of the app as well as links to more detailed information


Sending, Viewing and Answering Messages

Sending a Photo, a Picture or a Bearing and Distance

Viewing Incoming Messages, Photos, Pictures and Bearings and Distances


Confirming and Challenging Message Truthfulness

Blocking and Reporting Other Users [currently being developed]


Loading, Using and Removing Organisation Inner-Apps.

Creating Group Inner-Apps.

Loading, Using and Removing Group Inner-Apps.

Please note that:
  1. An "organisation" is any organisation for which an app already exists in the Doggie Riot family of apps, eg AUWU and ACF.
  2. A "group" is a private inner-app that one of the members has created within an organisation's app for themselves and their colleagues.
  3. Even though all communication between members of a group is not seen by other members, it is still viewable and controllable by the organisation within which the group was created.

Other Useful Features

Using the Tool Box

Viewing the Organisation's Website

Viewing the Organisation's Latest News

Viewing the Online Help

Obtaining Additional Assistance

Data Protection


Privacy, Confidentiality and Security

Administration *

Monitoring Communications

Providing Real-Time Advice, Suggestions, Assistance and Direction

Viewing Member Locations and Communication Over Time

Blocking Fraudulent Users

Stopping and Starting Your Control Server

* For Organisational Leadership Only