Doggie Riot Apps

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These apps were developed by Bill Malkin who can be contacted at

Bill has been working in IT, mainly as a contract software engineer, for the past forty years. He has a great affinity for Science as, not only does his profession depend heavily on this discipline for its very existence, he appreciates the fact that, because of thousands of years of scientific thinking, he doesn't have to live in a cave and chase wild animals for food.

However, for some time scientists have been warning us that:

  1. We are fast running out of food and potable water sources.
  2. The climate is dangerously and quickly changing.
  3. Animal and plant species are being decimated.
  4. The population is growing fast and now hundreds of millions are living in areas prone to natural disasters.
  5. The growing divide between rich and poor is threatening the economic and social stability of a number of very powerful Western countries. This in turn places all of us in a great deal of danger.

The real challenge however is that our political and industry leaders are doing very little to alleviate the problem and most, in fact, are making the situation even worse.

It's time we "ordinary" people started turning this situation around, using whatever skills and expertise we have at our disposal.